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Microdesk document holder

Brand: Microdesk

  • The Microdesk was developed by physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney in 1998 after she saw a need to centralise paperwork above the keyboard and couldn't find any available products to achieve this.
  • The additional working surface created by the Microdesk ensures that the user is kept in the correct 'neutral' posture while interacting with either paperwork, a calculator, a tablet or their smart-phone.
  • Benefits of using a Microdesk? at your computer.
  • MicrodeskWriting-6 Stops aches and pains caused from twisting when writing to the side of the keyboard.
  • Centres paper work in-line above the rear of the keyboard.
  • Creates a stable, adjustable work surface - excellent for writing and reading with computer work.
  • Creates more useable desk space.
  • Allows access to the keyboard at all times.
  • Comes with a non slip ruler / guideline with all models.
  • Comes with paper ledges in two height sizes.
  • Helps the user to focus by placing their work directly in front of them.
  • Suitable for left and right hander's.
  • Only keyboard accessory endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)


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